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New CORPORATION registration with SSS?

As required by the law creating the Social Security System (SSS), employers are mandated to withhold a certain amount from the salaries of its employees for the SSS funds. These funds are then administered by the SSS in such a way that security benefits, like retirement benefits, pensions, accidental, salary loans, and other benefits are being furnished and enjoyed by the employees in accordance with the rules. As an employer, the new corporation is then required to register with the SSS and for registration purposes, SSS requires at least one (1) employee who must have an existing SSS number or will be securing an SSS number with a prescribed form. Hereunder are the requirements:
  • Certified Copy of the Articles and By-laws duly approved by the SEC either by SEC or by the Corporate Secretary;
  • SSS registration form;
  • SSS specimen signature card;
  • SSS authorization form signed by any director/incorporator authorizing an employee for the subsequent dealings with the SSS; and,
  • Lease contract, if any.
Upon the above requirements, the new corporation will then be issued a Certificate of Registration. Reportorial requirements like contributions list in prescribed form, remittance and diskette will be required during the registration.


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