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Transfer of Condo Title - Makati Registry of Deeds

Hereunder are the requirements for easy reference:

  • BIR Certificate Authorizing Registration (CAR);
  • Deed of Absolute Sale/Assignment/Conveyance duly annotated by the BIR;
  • Original Copy of Condo. Certificate of Title (CCT);
  • Certifified True Copy of Tax Declarations;
  • Tax Clearance from the City Treasurer's Office (real property tax for the whole year must have been fully paid, and transfer tax of not more than 1% of consideration must have been paid also within 60 days from date of notarial of the Deed);
  • Certification from the City Treasurer's Office;
  • Certificate of no outstanding liability from the Condo Corp.;
  • Registration fee of 45% of 1% of the market value of the condominium; and,
  • Documentary Stamp Tax worth P25.00

Process takes a week from submission of complete documents. Please send mail to if you need assistance.

what if, payment for transfer tax receipt has been lost for office space located ata Makati. can we get duplicate for Registry of Deeds Makati?

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